February 27, 2005

National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

Since its inception in 1976, NCADP has been the only fully staffed national organization exclusively devoted to abolishing capital punishment. NCADP provides information, advocates for public policy, and mobilizes and supports individuals and institutions that share our unconditional rejection of capital punishment.

Abolition of the death penalty will result from a multi-faceted approach. Accordingly, NCADP organizes its work around four core areas:

Legislative Advocacy - working with policy-makers and their constituencies to adopt legislation in opposition to the death penalty at the local, state and national level.

Media Advocacy - expanding the public�s critique of the death penalty using primarily local and state media outlets from which most Americans get their news.

Grassroots Advocacy - assisting our affiliates in organizing activities in opposition to the death penalty and in reaching out to communities to speak out against the death penalty.

Human Rights Advocacy - spotlighting the death penalty as a violation of human rights and gaining the support of the global community to abolishing the U.S. death penalty

National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

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February 09, 2005

Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation

After a murder, victims' families face two things: a death and a crime.� At these times, families need help to cope with their grief and loss, and support to heal their hearts and rebuild their lives.� From experience, we know that revenge is not the answer.� The answer lies in reducing violence, not causing more death.� The answer lies in supporting those who grieve for their lost loved ones, not creating more grieving families.� It is time we break the cycle of violence.� To those who say society must take a life for a life, we say: "not in our name."

�� -Marie Deans, founder of Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation

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